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With Quaternaire management consulting you:

  • Obtain targeted and sustainable results
  • Receive really effective support in the field
  • Adopt a methodology as part of a fun approach
  • Work efficiently without taking the world on your shoulders

Our job is to offer vision in the field for sustainable results.

Is your company resource-rich but needs fresh impetus? 


Quaternaire helps you sustainably improve your business, customer and social performance, abroad and in France.


Because you’re stronger together, we combine effective management with employee engagement in your business project. 


And we know our approach works, so we’re prepared to guarantee results.


Quaternaire recognised as a Best Workplace in 2018 by Great Place To Work Institute.


  • 58 employees
  • 96% of our customers recommend us
  • 3 offices in France
  • Over 30 years of consultancy
  • € 10,1M revenues 





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Economic and social performance improvement approach for a chemicals industrial group (20 sites - 3 continents)

  • Business project development and support over 3 years. Listen to employees, implement management line, and support targeted improvement tasks, in a multi-business and multi-culture environment.
  • Develop a maintenance reference system for 20 sites implemented at 3 pilot sites.


  • Significant decrease in strike action at the site and related production losses (confidential information)
  • Site relaunch, now profitable
  • Economic gains for targeted improvement tasks: €2 million gains on loss of production
  • Reimplementation of basic management practices
  • Reduced impact of failures on process losses > €10 million
  • Maintenance budgets optimisation of under 4%

Project to improve performance and quality of life at work: “Ensemble vers l’Excellence” (Together Towards Excellence) at 13 sites through:

  • Discussion groups, immersion periods and seminars
  • Development of an Operational Excellence reference system
  • Implementation of tools: visual management, 5S, VSM, Line Performance Improvement breakthroughs
  • Management training for executives and supervisors (320 managers - Per manager, 50 hours of training in management over 3 years)


  • 72% of identified improvement actions implemented within the first 6 months
  • 25% of Group employees involved in implementing 200 operational tasks
  • 20% reduction in frequency rate and 10% reduction in complaints
  • €2 million in accumulated gains in 2 years
  • Improvement in labour relations
  • 94% of trained employees satisfied or highly satisfied

Implementation of the continuous improvement of processes and the deployment of visual management for activity and performance in head office and network units.



  • 7 major processes improved and under management
  • 1 Continuous Improvement Department set up, autonomous on methodologies
  • Fault processing process implemented for employees
  • Pro: reduction of front-office customer lead time by 7 days, and 15% increase in back-office productivity
  • Home: 28% drop in anomaly rate on offers and 40% lead time reduction

Implementation of a management culture centred on performance, autonomy and continuous improvement and deployment of the approach at other sites by:

  • Jointly developing a management charter
  • Coaching and supporting managers
  • Implementing a custom training plan for managers


  • 90% ownership rate of new coordination system
  • Management best practices application rate: 81%
  • Daily gemba walk, lively, participatory and a driver of continuous improvement actions: 100%
  • Increase in the number of 8D/8S (continuous improvement tasks) by 133%

Development of a performance reference system and related tools (100 production sites worldwide, five major business lines) through:

  • Assessment and definition of the reference system framework with industrial departments of main subsidiaries
  • Development of a reference system and a network with production site operational teams
  • Creation of a toolbox available on an intranet (self-assessment, development of a master plan, etc.)
  • Coordination and training of a Lean/TPM experts network


  • 10% improvement in accident frequency rate
  • 8% improvement in manufacturing overheads, and 4% improvement in service rate on average
  • Tasks implemented in 70% of subsidiaries in 18 months
  • Business performance improvement: up €50M
  • Presence of a network of industrial performance experts at global level

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